Fundamentals of Integrated Management of Hybrid Energy Storage System for EVs

Description:Relying on the relevant accumulation of the National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicles of Beijing Institute of Technology in the design and development of new energy vehicles over the years, combined with the successful demonstation and application experience of electric vehicles in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Shanghai World Expo and 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, detailed theories and technologies related to the integrated management of electric vehicle compound power system. Adhering to the concept of combining theory with practice, and striving to be better understood by readers, this book uses many concrete examples when explaining the theoretical content.

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Core Algorithms of Battery Management System (First Edition)

Description:"Core Algorithm of Power Battery Management System" combines the author's research and practice for more than ten years, expounds the characteristics and technical problems of power battery management system, and elaborates the experimental design and dynamic modeling of power battery system for new energy vehicle applications. , State of charge estimation, state of health estimation, peak power prediction, remaining life prediction, low-temperature rapid heating and optimized charging, as well as engineering application and practical problems of corresponding core algorithms, with detailed algorithm practice steps and development processes, which can be used as a reference book for those skilled in the relevant fields.It can also be used as a professional course textbook for senior undergraduates and graduate students majoring in automobiles.

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Principles and Structure of Electric Vehicles

Description:This book focuses on the system analysis and structural examples of electric vehicle principles. The content covers pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles and other vehicles, motor drive systems, power battery pack systems, and electrification assistance System and other components, as well as the infrastructure and applications of electric vehicles. Each independent chapter expands the description from three aspects: function definition, principle analysis and typical structure examples. The content is novel, with pictures and texts. This book can be used as a professional basic course textbook for the research direction of new energy vehicles for vehicle engineering majors in colleges and universities. It can also be used as a professional elective course textbook for vehicle engineering majors, a reference textbook for graduate students, and a reference book for engineering and technical personnel engaged in new energy vehicle technology research, production management, technical services, etc. A reference book for engineering and technical personnel.

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