Data and codes of our papers will be published successively for reference and citation:

Update time:2023-8-17

1. Jiahuan Lu, Rui Xiong*, Jinpeng Tian*, Chenxu Wang and Fengchun Sun,"Deep learning to estimate lithium-ion battery state of health without additional degradation experiments", Nature Communications, vol. 14, pp. 2760, May 2023. (Link, Data and code)

2. Yanzhou Duan, Jinpeng Tian*, Jiahuan Lu, Chenxu Wang, Weixiang Shen, Rui Xiong*, "Deep Neural Network Battery Impedance Spectra Prediction by Only Using Constant-Current Curve", Energy Storage Materials,vol. 41, pp. 24-31, October 2021. (Link, Data and code)

3. Jinpeng Tian, Rui Xiong*, Weixiang Shen, Jiahuan Lu, Xiaoguang Yang, “Deep Neural Network Battery Charging Curve Prediction by Using 30 Points Collected in 10 Minutes”, Joule, vol. 5, no.6, pp. 1521-1534, June 2021. (Link, Data and code)

4. Jinpeng Tian, Rui Xiong*, Cheng Chen, Chenxu Wang, Weixiang Shen and Fengchun Sun,"Simultaneous prediction of impedance spectra and state for lithium-ion batteries from short-term pulses", Electrochimica Acta, vol.449, pp.142218, May 2023.(Link、Data and Code)

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