Yue Pan’s paper was published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews(IF=12.110)
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Master student Yue Pan’s article "Lithium-ion battery aging mechanisms and diagnosis method for automotive applications Recent advances and perspectives" was published in the journal Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (IF=12.110). Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews is a Q1 regional journal in the energy and fuel sector under Elsevier BV. It focuses on sustainable development and a low-carbon future and provides a high-quality and extensive scientific research platform to discuss the application, practical value and environmental impact of various renewable energy. Aiming at the problem of the strong coupling and diagnose difficulty between the internal aging mechanism of lithium-ion batteries and external factors, this paper systematically analyzes the aging mechanism, diagnostic methods and accelerated longevity experiment design theory of lithium-ion batteries, and in-depth discusses the challenges of power battery aging diagnostic methods for quantitative analysis and in-vehicle applications, providing new ideas for the development of multi-dimensional aging diagnostic methods.

RefXiong R, Pan Y, Shen W, et al. Lithium-ion battery aging mechanisms and diagnosis method for automotive applications: Recent advances and perspectives[J]. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2020, 131: 110048.

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