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We sincerely welcome young talents in the areas of vehicles/electrical/control/ measurement or materials engineering to apply for joining AESA, or postdoctoral and young teacher positions.

1. Application requirement:

(a) Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, abide by the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations, and have good ideological qualities and moral training;

(b) Physically and mentally health, have a good academic background, a certain scientific research foundation, and have Strong academic development potential;

(c) Post-doctorate: Generally, applicants should be no more than 3 years after obtaining doctor degree, and should be under 35 years old (before 36th birthday), among which Teli postdoctoral fellows should be no more than 32 years old. Applicants should also be in line with the other requirements concerning national and school recruitment of post-doctoral researchers.

(d) Undergraduates, masters and doctoral students: From 985 universities or 211 universities with national key disciplines, competition experience is preferred.

(e) Faculty: For details, please refer to the school conditions of Beijing Institute of Technology (see the full document). The research team will give priority to pre-appointing associate professors and young scholars with national-level talents.

2. Research interest

(1) Electric vehicles power system

(2) Battery and management system

(3) Electromechanical energy storage system

(4) Intelligent networked vehicle technology

(5) Application of artificial intelligence, big data and digital twin

3. Post-doctoral positions

(1) Teli postdoctoral positions: mainly for doctoral students graduated from world-class universities to conduct thorough training, and after leaving the station, they can be hired to pre-employed teacher positions according to relevant academic standards.

(2) Team positions: Mainly for the school's key development disciplines, cultivating high-level talents and outstanding young backbone teacher team.

(3) Scientific research positions: mainly to provide effective scientific research forces for teams undertaking major national, provincial and ministerial-level scientific research projects.

4. Post-doctoral support measures

(a) Salary: The school provides competitive salaries, including basic annual salary, performance incentives for research groups, social insurances and housing funds. If you are selected for the post-doctoral innovative talent support program, post-doctoral international exchange program (introduction project), superimposed funding will be provided according to the annual salary of the position at school.

(b) Scientific research support: You can apply for "Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program", China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Postdoctoral International (Overseas) Exchange Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Beijing Natural Science Foundation and other fund projects.

(c) Life guarantee: Post-doctoral fellows enjoy the same benefits as school staff during their stay. According to the relevant regulations of the country and the school, assist in solving the living problems of the applicant and his/her family in Beijing, and the children enrolling in nursery schools. We provide post-doctoral apartments in accordance with the relevant regulations of the school.

(d) Other benefits: During the postdoctoral period, the corresponding professional and technical positions can be identified according to the relevant regulations of the school's professional and technical position identification.

Those who have outstanding achievements during the postdoctoral period and meet the requirements of the school's open recruitment of full-time teachers will be given priority to be hired to the corresponding positions.

5. Contact information

Postdoctoral Management Office, the Human Resources DepartmentBeijing Institute of Technology:

Contacts: Ju Zhang, Mei Huang, Xiaotian Yu

Tel: 010-68914539


Contact AESA:

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