CFP-2021 International Conference on Electric and Intelligent Vehicles (ICEIV2021)
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In order to build cleaner, more efficient and more intelligent carriers, carrier industries worldwide are developing technologies in the directions of fuel decarburization, energy diversification, power electrification and intelligentialization. As such, research and development of vehicle and the integration of power system, control system and energy storage technology have also attracted enormous attention. The International Conference on Electric and Intelligent Vehicles (shorted as ICEIV2021) will provide an excellent forum for scientists, researchers, engineers and government officials all over the world to present and discuss around the latest key carrier technologies and development trends. The previous three ICEIV conferences were respectively held in Stockholm, Sweden, Melbourne, Australia and Stavanger, Norway, in 2017, 2018, and 2019, with more than 200 participants at each conference.

ICEIV2021 will be conducted mainly offline, meanwhile online sessions will be supplemented. Communication languages are Chinese and English and the organizer will provide simultaneous interpretation. Accepted papers will be presented orally or as posters at the conference. Good papers will be recommended for publication in journals such as IET Intelligent Transport Systems, Energies, Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Journal of Electrical Engineering, as determined by the ICEIV2021 committee. ICEIV2021 will establish Best Paper Awards and Global Energy International Young Scholar Awards. In the meantime, the ceremony for inaugurating the Energy Storage System and Equipment Technical Committee (Preparatory) and the first conference of the IEEE PES Electric Vehicle Satellite Committee (China) Battery System Subcommittee will be organized.

1. Organization

Honorary Chair:Prof. Yang Qingxin

Conference Chair: Prof. Sun Fengchun, Academician of CAE

Program Committee Chair: Prof. Hongwen He, BIT

Academic Committee Chair: Prof. Ju Li, MIT

Host: China Electrotechnical Society

Organizer: Energy Storage System and Equipment Institution, CES(Preparation)

Co-organizer :

IEEE PES Electric Vehicle Satellite Committee (China) Battery System Subcommittee

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Chinese Journal of Electrical Engineering


2. Venue Information

Time:JUN. 25-28, 2021


3. Call for Papers

The conference can accept submissions in Chinese and English. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to Carrier and Vehicle Technology, Battery and Energy Storage Technology and Power and Drive System Technology.

Carrier and vehicle technology

- Energy consumption analysis technology for vehicles

- Internet of vehicles and big data technology

- Vehicle energy management and optimization control

- Intelligent electric transportation decision and control technology

- Intelligent electric transportation artificial intelligence technology

- Driving assistance technology and environmental perception

- Vehicle-road collaboration and intelligent driving

- High-precision map acquisition and path planning

Battery and energy storage Technology

- Battery/ultracapacitor design of materials, devices and systems

- Battery system test and evaluation

- Battery system modeling, estimation and RUL prediction

- Battery system thermal runaway warning and protection

- Battery system thermal management technology

- Battery traceability management, second use and recycling technology

- AI-based battery design, manufacturing and operation and maintenance technology

Power and drive system technology

- Unmanned equipment full electric propulsion power technology

- System modeling, simulation and optimization technology

- Power system optimization and intelligent control technology

- Line control platform and coordinated control

- Electric propulsion and electric driving system

- Advanced motor and power electronic system

- Thermal management technology of electric driving system

4. Important Dates

Deadline for Abstract: 28 Feb 2021

Acceptance Notification: 15 Apr 2021

Deadline for Full Paper Submission: 15 May 2021

Accepted Abstract Registration and Payment Close: 10 Jun 2021

5. Contact Information

Contact: Chun Wang Email:, Ruixin Yang Email:

Official Website:,

Submission System:

6. Paper template

Please download this file:

7. Specific notice

Please click the link below for submission system.

8. Submit Abstract Online

STEP1: Enter, click submit paper online.

STEP2: Please register at first when you use the paper management system, email, address, telephone and other information is needed.

STEP3: After you login the system, please fill the abstract information accordingly, please be sure to choose K-46-ICEIV2021(2021 International Conference on Electric and Intelligent Vehicles) in Topic(preferred), and select your specific topic in Topic(alternate), finally submit PDF abstract in the next page.

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Welcome to ICEIV2021, we look forward to meeting you in Nanjing!

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