3000F capacitor

In order to fully obtain the working performance of the ultracapacitor, each test needs to be tested separately at multiple different temperatures and different aging states to realize the efficient management of the full life of the all-climate ultracapacitor.

Data completion time:2019-5-30

1.Basic parameters of capacitor

2.Test process

ARBIN BT-5HC-5V-60A, DGBELL BTT-331 programmable high and low temperature three-box experiment box, the test flow chart is shown.

Figure 1 Test process

3. Introduction to the data set

Aging cycle test, capacity and internal resistance test are carried out at 25 and 70°C respectively. Cycle times: 3000F/25°C/90000cycle.

Data file:Resource Application Form.pdf

4.Capacitor characteristic curve

Figure 2 3000F ultracapacitor capacity trace(from CAP)

5、Related papers

[1] J. Tian, R. Xiong*, W. Shen and J. Wang, “Frequency and time domain modelling and online state of charge monitoring for ultracapacitors”, Energy, vol 176, pp. 874-887, Jun 2019.(Download

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